What is an IBI?

The IBI (International Billboard Identity) is a unique machine-readable identification number, which marks any Indoor/Outdoor Advertisements unmistakably. The number has been in use to revolutionize the international billboard-trade. 275 countries and territories are IBI Coded countries.
36606 cities are IBI Coded cities. 25 types of indoor & outdoor ads are IBI Coded ad types.
The number consists of four segments:

* Type identifier
* Country identifier
* City identifier
* Digit identifier

The IBI is divided into four parts of variable length, which must be separated clearly by hyphens or spaces:

IBI 1 231 189 5


IBI 2-102-34-5

The number of digits in the first three parts of the IBI (Type identifier, Country identifier, City identifier) varies.


What is the practical aspect of IBI?

IBIProject.org keeps you avoid mistakes, while communicating the details. Just tell the IBI and let them check it in the website database.
Print catalogues of all your Indoor/Outdoor ads can be given to Advertisers / Ad Agencies which ease them to communicate their requirement and book you services.

Who needs an IBI?

Indoor/Outdoor Advertising Companies

The IBI serves as a unique identifier for

* Contract Manager
* ordering
* accounting
* handling or returns
* sales data monitoring
* right and license management
* GPS management


Advertiser / Ad Agencies

The IBI serves as a unique identifier for

* ordering / teleordering
* accounting and billing
* bibliographic searches
* Contract Manager
* stock control
* electronic point-of-sale systems
* GPS management

Who is eligible for applying for IBI?

Licensed owner,
Indoor/Outdoor Advertisement company who as leased it or franchised it

I.e. the owner or person authorized to provide the service.

How to get an IBI?

If you wish to obtain an IBI, you should register to the IBI Project.

URL: http://www.ibiproject.org

Presently IBI is also issued free of cost.